Tropical infused mochi. Assorted island flavors. Vegan & gluten-free.

Born and raised in Hawaii indulging in that pillowy soft Island favorite as a keiki, my love for Mochi (a Japanese rice flour dessert) stuck with me and inspired me to create my own innovative style of chi chi dango, custard butters, chocolate dipped, Stuffed delights, and my signature Mochi nib cups in a variety of many, I mean, manyyy flavors and coming!! From my classic coconut custard to extravagant ube unicorn cookie and popular purple delight, there is something for every sweet tooth…or should I say toothsweet!! Although I’m the Mochi baker, my husband Rhavi is the face behind our booth with a warm welcome and helpful hand!

Contact: Tihana and Rahvi
Telephone: 1-808-775-1306