T-shirts, clothing, wearable art

PUNAKAI is a small ‘mom & pop shop’ with all our original ART being silk-screened printed without machines/ electricity in our studio in Kamuela.

PUNAKAI began its translation process of wearable ART through the desire to share and heal others using sacred symbols, original language and storytelling of Hawaiian origin, re-awakening the roots and mana of Ho`oponopono. The uniqueness of PUNAKAI is the tangible enjoyment and engagement of a conscious eco-friendly made by hand garment that looks and feels special, along with the intangible mana (power) that each garment possesses through its sacred geometry, ancient symbols and ritualized construction. PUNAKAI has the potential to empower and shift the energy field, as customers project these sacred symbols crystallized with ALOHA, simply by being worn, spreading like seeds the sacred mana of spiritual and creative life in HAWAI`I rooted in Ho`oponopono.

Contact: Sasha Jansen & David Matthiessen
Email: yogaoftruth@gmail.com
Website: www.etsy.com/shop/PUNAKAI

PO BOX 1207