Little Hands Hawai’i

We hand make a mineral sunscreen that’s reef safe and safe for all ages. Our ingredients are clean and source what we can from local farmers.

We hand-make a mineral based sunscreen safe for our oceans and safe for all ages. Being born and raised here in the islands, the ocean is our sacred place. It’s something that gives our family happiness. This is a way we can give back. Another purpose of making our products are our keiki. We felt that it is important to understand everything in the ingredients list. We didn’t want to slather the junk on their skin when we couldn’t understand what was in it.

We also do chemical sunscreen trade ins, meaning customers can drop off their chemical sunscreen products with us and we will give them a discount off their purchase. It’s great to see people making the switch to a safer cleaner alternative.

Contact: Rosalyn Ardoin and Michael Koenigs
Telephone: 1-808-688-8007

Mailing Address:
68-1785 Niu Hao Hao Pl.
Waikoloa, Hawaii, 96738