Dread Pirate Roberts

Ceramic art, utilitarian goods and sculpture

I sell ceramic art, utilitarian goods and sculpture. My sculptures are often mixed media utilizing found objects, metal, and different types of clays including polymer clays. My artwork is Island and Ocean inspired. I have a focus on bringing awareness of the need for preservation of Hawaii’s cultural and natural resources and make work that celebrates those ideas. My “Lavaware” line for example is like “Having a piece of the island without taking a piece of the island.” It is a clay I make from scratch that looks and feels like lava rock but does NOT actually contain lava. I carve petroglyphs into the pieces and like to talk story with customers about their meanings.

Contact: Laura Roberts
Telephone: 1-808-747-9638
Email: dreadpiratepottery@gmail.com
Website: dreadpiratepottery.com

73-4491 Kohanaiki Rd 3B
Kailua-Kona Hawaii 96740