Double D Ranch

Locally-sourced beef, pork, lamb and goat meat

We sell local, Big Island raised, beef, heritage pork, lamb and goat raised on our ranch. All animals are raised without antibiotics or hormones. Beef, lamb and goat are strictly grass fed. Pork is grain fed in Laupahoehoe.

We are a family owned ranch with our home base in Laupahoehoe. Our children will be the 4th generation of ranchers. We raise cattle, hogs, sheep and goats for meat. We grass feed our cattle, goats, and sheep. We grain feed our hogs for a consistent pork product. We raise both heritage and commercial breeds of hogs in a natural farming, deep litter system.


Contact: Darcy  Nobriga
Telephone: 1-808-936-5371

Mailing Address: