Big Island Creamery

Cultured macadamia nut spread, mac nut yogurts and milks, hard mac nut cheeses. 100% local, vegan, gluten-free desserts, which include: Mamey Sapote Cheesecake, Samoa cookies, and Macnut shortbread cookies. They are all made from 100% local ingredients and free from refined sugars.

We make cultured dairy-free and vegan macadamia nut cheeses, yogurts, tzatziki, and macnutella. All of our products are made with 99% or higher Big Island-grown ingredients which are all organic or organically grown. We offer our products only on the Big Island and are focused on sustainability. You can also find our cheese at a few restaurants and local food stores, including Red Barn food truck, also located at the Kamuela Farmers’ Market.

Contact: Markus & Laura
Telephone: 1-808-825-8485